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Via Alpina


Stage B24


Description of the stage in the Trieste-Monaco direction:
From the town of Fontanazzo, climb north-west along the muletrack (signpost 577), paved in some especially steep sections, that with a few sharp bends leads to the mouth of the hanging Dona valley. After passing a few shepherds’ settlements, you will join path No. 580 that climbs along the Val di Udai from Mazzin. You proceed trough the pastures of Camerloi towards the head of the valley that consists of the partly grass-grown screes of the eastern slope of the Dona peak until you reach the pass by the same name. After crossing the scree on the southern slope of this peak, you will reach the Antermoia refuge.

Description of the route in the opposite direction:
Starting from the Antermoia refuge, after a short while, you will reach the Dona pass. Descend along the hanging Dona valley and pass several shepherds’ settlements until you can see the bottom of the Fassa valley. Take the partly paved mule track, cross through the forest and fi nally descend into the town of Fontanazzo.



Environment - This route will take you through the grassy landscapes of the side-valleys of volcanic origin as well as the moon-like landscapes typical of the high-altitude Dolomite ranges. The vegetation changes progressively from forest to high-altitude pastures all the way up to the pioneer grasses typical of the screes.

The partially karstic origin of this lake affects the changes in its water levels that are affected not only by the changes in season but also the nature of the soil and the melting of perpetual snow. The Antermoia lake is the only fairly large-sized lake existing in the Catinaccio dolomitic range. It is quite famous for the crystal clear colour of the water that, however, does not harbour any fi sh species at all.