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Via Alpina


Stage B23


Description of the stage in the Trieste-Monaco direction:
Starting at the Contrin refuge, climb along the easy path No. 648 until you reach the San Nicol˛ pass and the refuge by the same name. From there, follow the grassy ridge north-west (signpost 613), passing over the Varos rib, and then descend down to a grassy saddle. Walk along the eastern Croda Neigra rock wall and then, through the Forcia Neigra saddle, descend down to the wide grassy hollow of the Ciampac, which is crossed by various ski-lifts. Once you have reached the TobiÓ del Giagher refuge, climb along the opposite slope (signpost 645) until you reach the Pian de Siele from which you enter the wild Val de Grepa, dominated to the right by the black rocks of the Crepa Neigra. Descend into the valley, reaching various mountain wooden huts and dairies, some of which have been recently restored. The trail continues through the wide pastures and, shortly after, reaches a steep rocky descent that leads to the bottom of Val di Fassa through the forest and along a demanding cobbled muletrack. Once across the Avisio stream, the town of Fontanazzo is just a short distance away.

Alternative route:
From the saddle, at the crossroads for the Croda Neigra, continue straight ahead in the direction indicated by signpost 613b. Follow the southern slope of the Sas de Rocia along the equipped path Lino Pederiva, until you once again join path No. 613 at Sella Brunech. From there, continue northwards along the grassy ridge on an unsignalled path that leads towards Crepa Neigra until you reach Pian de Siele.

Description of the route in the opposite direction:
In Fontanazzo, take path No. 645 that climbs towards Val de Grepa. Once out of the woods, enter the plain of the hanging valley which features several shepherdsĺ settlements. Then, climb along the sharply bending trail until you reach Pian de Siele and descend towards the Ciampac. Once at the TobiÓ del Giagher refuge, climb along the opposite slope until you reach the Forcia Neigra saddle. Follow the north-eastern rocky slope of Croda Neigra until you reach a grassy saddle, from which you can climb up to the Varos ridge, and then go down to the San Nicol˛ pass, in view of the refuge. Finally, descend into the Val de Contrin along path No. 608 until you reach the Contrin refuge.



Environment - The crossing of these hanging valleys offers spectacular sceneries and environmental attractions. Especially interesting is the different uses and stages of human exploitation of the valleys: the Val di Contrin features an excursion-oriented type of tourism, the Ciampac is dominated by the presence of ski-lifts, and the Val di Grepa by the shepherdsĺ settlements. All of this is set off by the contrasting view of magmatic rock and the towering dolomitic massifs.

SS. Filippo & Giacomo church, with 17th century paintings.

Museo Ladino di Fassa - open all year round. Info: call 0462 760182 -
Pieve di S. Giovanni - cMother-church and religious and civic centre of the valley, typical example of Gothic-Alpine architecture.
Museo Mineralogico Monzoni - permanent exhibition of Val di Fassa minerals. Strada de Pilat, 14. Info: call. 0462 764173

Molin de PŔzol - Ancient watermill, with two millstones for cereals and a barley husker, driven by three large water-driven paddlewheels.
For information call 0462 764089 -