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Via Alpina


Stage B22


Description of the stage in the Trieste-Monaco direction:
Starting at Pordoi pass, follow path No. 601 (High level path No. 2) heading south along the eastern slope of Sas Becè, on the wide and easy trail that climbs up to the Fredarola refuge. From there, follow the “Viel dal Pan” (path No. 601 High level path No. 2) heading east, cutting across the southern slope of the Sas Ciapel. The path runs almost fl at midway up the ridge and through the meadows that cover this lavic massif. Once you have reached the Viel dal Pan refuge, continue along the clear-cut path that runs facing the entire Marmolada. When you reach the crossroads with the junction path that leads to Porta Vescovo, descend to the right towards the Fedaia lake and the dam, while keeping to the No. 601 signposts. Once you have reached the Marmolada “E. Castiglioni” refuge, take path No. 605 which, after a fi rst sharp bend, turns decidedly west. Follow the easy muletrack that leads to the Villetta Maria hotel.
From there, keep following the No. 605 signs, proceeding along the dirt road that goes slightly to the left at the fi rst crossroads and then takes you to the main road (asphalt). Cross it and descend to the left. Walk externally along the guard-rail and then, a short distance afterwards, enter the forest. Follow the small road that criss-crosses through large rock formations and then descends once again to the main road. Cross to the other side, go up to the left to pass the bridge and after a few metres enter the forest to the right. Proceed a fair distance until you reach the path signalled as path No. 602 A that leads to the dirt road (signpost 602) that will take you to the Contrin refuge.

Alternative route:
From the Marmolada “E. Castiglioni” refuge follow the dam until you reach the Cima Undici refuge. In front of it you can access path No. 606 that leads to the Pian dei Fiacconi refuge (or you can reach it by cable-way). From there, turning westward in the direction of Gran Vernel, continue on path no 606 which takes you to the valley that climbs up towards Forcella Marmolada. Once you have ascended to the saddle along a tongue of snow and ice, descend the southern slope, which is equipped with a metal safety cord for a short distance, then walk along the scree until you bend westward again and reach the Contrin refuge.

Description of the route in the opposite direction:
Starting at the Contrin refuge, descend along the road (signpost 602) until you are almost at the bottom of the valley and, next to a bridge, take path No 602A that leads right towards Penìa. Once you reach the Avisio stream (with the footbridge for the town on your left) go right along the mountain side until you exit onto the main road. Descend to the left, pass the bridge and, at the nearby lay-by, cross the road. Enter the forest and take the small dirt road that climbs steeply at fi rst but then almost levels off, running amidst the large rocks of an ancient landslide. When you reach the main road once again, follow it for a few dozen metres (partly walking along the inside of the guard-rail) and then cross it to enter the wide dirt road that leads to the Villetta Maria hotel. To the building’s right take the path that once again enters the forest along path No. 605 that climbs towards the Marmolada “E. Castiglioni” refuge. Once you have crossed the road, take path No. 601, ascending the ‘Viel dal Pan’. Continue along this path until you reach the Fredarola refuge from which, keeping to the right, you can descend to the Pordoi pass.



Environment - The path crosses, in part, a lavic massif in the heart of the Dolomites, following the historical routes of trade with the Veneto region. While crossing the acid environment typical of volcanic areas, notice the rich grass vegetation that characterizes this area. Quite interesting, from a geological viewpoint, is the contrast between igneous and dolomitic rocks and their different geomorphological features.
WWI Museum - This Museum exhibits war relics and fi ndings from the fi rst world war, part of a private collection, found thanks to the ongoing withdrawal of the Marmolada glacier.
Located next to the Pian dei Fiacconi cable-way station.Open from June to September: from 10 to 12 a.m./from 2 to 5 p.m. Info: call 347 7972356 -

The Sia (ancient Venetian sawmill) - It is the last hydraulic sawmill of Venetian type still existing in Val di Fassa, documented since the 16th century.
Open from June to September: from 9 to 12 a.m./from 3 to 6 p.m. Info: Museo Ladino di Fassa call 0462 760182 -